Our Story

Welcome to B & B 8 Inc! (previously B & B Babytalk)
In 2016 we created B & B Babytalk, as our business has expanded past maternity, infant and children, 2018 was the perfect time to become B & B 8 Inc.
So where does the name come from? In trying to create a new name I realized that our daughter Victoria and twins Anderson and Scarlett all had 8 letters in their name and the second letter in their names spelled INC and the B & B comes from my Baumann & Baumann. B & B 8 Inc was created!
We have been married since 2012, and welcomed our daughter in 2014 and our twins in 2016. I worked in a corporate environment with careers in accounting, restaurant management and finally sales management in liquor and wine distribution. My husband spent time in real estate, restaurant work and finally teaching. With the pending arrival of our twins, we made the risky decision to start a business, because as anyone with kids knows life is unpredictable. We needed a business that we could be dedicated to, but would allow our day to be somewhat flexible. Our goal is create products our customers love in a timely fashion.
We welcome you to look around our shop and please message us with any questions.
Thanks for shopping!
Have a Wonderful Day!
-Jasanna & Brandon, B & B 8 Inc

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